TEATER NORMCORE: Stereo Genmai at Urbanscapes 2019

poster stereo genmai 2019 x

Tak ada konsep ‘restage’ dalam kamus hidup Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol. Setiap lokasi adalah karakter. Setiap permukaan membentuk atmosfera berbeza. Raikan atmosfera-atmosfera unik ini. Naskah serupa yang dimainkan kembali di tempat lain, akan menjadi sebuah play baru, sepertimana setiap taman permainan berbeza-beza di dalam dunia ini. Kenali konteks ruang, dekati konteks waktu. Dinding menjadi memori pancaran pementasan teater terdahulu.

Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai is based on the novel Stereo Genmai (2012) by Ridhwan Saidi

performed by Ani Aziz, Hannan Barakbah, Mira Romanli, Tasha K., & Nurul Aizam
playwright/direction: Ridhwan Saidi
scenography by Ilham Sani
sound design by Joni Atari
technical crew: Puteri Syafirahelmi & Rashid Akhmal
video documentation by Amirul Rahman
location: The Godown, KL

curated by TerryandTheCuz for Teater : Theatre @ URBN.SENI

“Teater : Theatre is a collaborative form of performing art that uses live performers, typically actors or actresses, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place, often a stage.

A remnant our collective colonial past shared historical links and very much a part of cultural present; The Teater : Theatre series @ URBN.SENI : the inaugural Triennial Malaysia-Singapore Cultural Showcase will see how this art-form is interpreted, reimagined and continues to be relevant in both Malaysia and Singapore. Presenting Stereo Genmai by Moka Mocha Ink and Missing by Spare Room Production. Book your tickets to catch the two shows back to back on 21 and 22 November!”