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Dreaming in Malay: Bangsawan Gemala Malam and Shakespeare’s Tropical Encounters. By Faris Joraimi.

Festival Commission Bangsawan Gemala Malam, house programme. Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022.

Review: Bangsawan Gemala Malam by Teater Ekamatra (SIFA 2022). By Bakchormeeboy. 3 Jun 2022.

Sifa 2022: Teater Ekamatra remakes Shakespeare with song and dance. Ong Sor Fern. 3 Jun 2022.

Bangsawan Gemala Malam bagai mimpi indah. By Pengkritik Sandiwara. 4 Jun 2022.

Karya Shakespeare diberi sentuhan Nusantara dalam adaptasi Teater Ekamatra. By Nur Hazimah Anuar. 31 May 2022.

Bangsawan Gemala Malam persembah ‘Shakespeare’ dalam konteks Nusantara. Oleh Rubiah Mohd. Berita Harian, Singapura. 14 May 2022.

Shining a light on Malaysia-Japan conversations. Exhibition launches this 28 March 2022 with works from 13 selected artists. The Sun Daily. 22 Mar 2022.


DPAC Manifesto under the Epidemic: 7 Performances Arouse the Spirit of the Art Age. The Interview. 21 Dec 2021.


What is love? Ridhwan Saidi explores intimacy in relationships in his first feature film that was screened at the 31st Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF). By Bissme S. The Sun Daily. 14 Dec 2020.

Theatremaker’s movement-based film selected for Singapore International Film Festival. By Dhinesh Kumar Maganathan. The Star. 5 Nov 2020.

Covid-19: Malaysian film ‘No Love For The Young’ to compete at Singapore International Film Festival. By Melanie Chalil. Malay Mail. 5 Nov 2020.

Msian indie film ‘No Love For The Young’ to compete at SGIFF. By Tahir Alhamzah. New Straits Times. 5 Nov 2020.

“Tiada Cinta Selama Muda” sertai Festival Filem Antarabangsa Singapura ke-31. Penulis, Nisa Irina. Cinema Online. 4 Nov 2020.

Singapore moves ahead with 70-title hybrid edition. By Silvia Wong. Screen Daily. 3 Nov 2020.

A collection of everyday household objects lead the cast in a new Malaysian theatre series. By Dinesh Kumar Maganathan. The Star. 15 Sept 2020.

Hamlet to P. Ramlee: Malaysian indie theatre outfit to stream ‘Buka Arkib’ series for free. By Dinesh Kumar Maganathan. The Star. 6 May 2020.

Breaking Down Bittersweet Barriers. By Aref Omar. News Straits Times, 11 Mar 2020.

How To Tell Stories That Live In People’s Memories? An interview with Ridhwan Saidi by Sukhbir Cheema. Eksentrika, 13 Mar 2020.

Masam, Manis and the Things in Between. Presented by Sharmilla Ganesan. The Bigger Picture, Front Row, 10 Mar 2020. Ridhwan Saidi, playwright/director | Sadiq M. Jamil, actor | Lew Shu Ni, actor.

Masam Manis Aifm radio interview. Host EsselYap En She. Guest CK and Mia Sabrina. Aifm radio, 27 Feb 2020. video 1 and video 2 link here.

New Play ‘Masam Manis’ explores bittersweet conundrum of private and public personas in conservative Malaysia. Melanie Chalil. The Malay Mail, 10 Feb 2020.

Turning old KL buildings into art spaces: does it really work? Dinesh Kumar Maganathan and Terence Toh. The Star, 9 Feb 2020.


Moka Mocha Ink, an indie publisher, is making strides in literature and theatre circles. Dhinesh Kumar Maganathan. The Star, 20 Jul 2019.

Teater Normcore: Double Bill, July 23rd & 24th 2019. Eleanor Ohlsen. Penang Free Sheet, 14 Jul 2019.

Terperangkap Dalam Kontinuum Idea-Mimpi. Karim Mohd. 31 Jan 2019.


“Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai” dan Pengkarya yang Bertengkar dengan Idea. Azrin Fauzi. Artsequator, 6 Dec 2018.

“Teater Modular”: Blok-blok Cerita dalam Ledakan Teater Mandiri. Azrin Fauzi. 24 Oct 2018.

Has Anyone Seen the Character I Wrote? Presented by Sharmilla Ganesan. The Bigger Picture, Front Row, 18 Oct 2018. Ridhwan Saidi, writer & director | Hannan Barakbah, performer | Nurul Aizam, producer.

Novelist clashes with character he created in surreal theatre show ‘Stereo Genmai’. Terence Toh. The Star, 18 Oct 2018.

Upcoming play ‘Stereo Genmai’ explores novelist’s writing process and character creation. Melanie Chalil. The Malay Mail, 15 Oct 2018.

【艺术好好玩】徘徊在梦境与现实的黑色幽默 – Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai. CITY Plus FM, 7 Oct 2018.

From architecture to performing arts: Multidisciplinary crossover by Guo Huizhen (October 4, 2018)

The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat aims to cultivate Malaysian playwrights. Mae Chan. Options, The Edge, 3 Oct 2018.

Harapan Baharu dalam Teater Kontemporari Malaysia melalui ‘Teater Modular’. Fasyali Fadzly. Critics Republic, 24 Apr 2018.

Making Modular Theatre. Presented by Sharmilla Ganesan. The Bigger Picture, Front Row,  5 Apr 2018. Ridhwan Saidi, writer.

Eksperimentasi Teater Normcore oleh Johan Radzi (May, 2018) Tunas Cipta Bil. 5, 2018

Warehouse arts space KongsiKL hosts novelist Ridhwan Saidi’s ‘Teater Modular’. Rouwen Lim. The Star, 1 Apr 2018.

Poetry in Your Reality by Aishwarya Adaikalaraj (February 13, 2018)

Review: Teater Normcore by Ridhwan Saidi (Kuala Lumpur). Bakchormeeboy, 9 Feb 2018.


Extending your play’s shelf-life – Self-publishing for playwrights. Amy de Kanter. Arteri, 30 Jun 2017.

Menyanggah yang Ditegah dalam ‘Teater Modular’ oleh Fasyali Fadzly (March 27, 2017)

ILHAM Gallery gallery guide 2017: May-October.


Ten essential books by Malaysians for Malaysians: The local books starter pack. Nadia Rosli and Ng Su Ann. Time Out Kuala Lumpur, 6 June 2016.

Gaya baharu penulis muda. Berita Harian, 10 Mac 2016.


The online link. Bissme S. The Sun Daily, 26 Mar 2014.