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Tan Cher Kian a.k.a CK; Sabahan indulging in his midlife crisis making a leap from oil & gas engineering to theatre practitioner. Started his dalliances with the stage due to his affinity to his mother tongue (literally) Cantonese that led him to the evolving-work of My Grandfather’s Road by Neo Kim Seng since 2017 in Singapore. CK also co-produced Malaysian works IQ.ROCK RESTAGE by Anomalist Production and Stereo Genmai by Ridhwan Saidi in 2018. Aspiring playwright and director, CK is interested in works that break down barriers yet building bridges.

Rashid Akhmal is an economy graduate from Sungai Buloh, who watches theatre as a hobby, somehow found his calling as an actor by joining First Time Workshop (acting) by Revolution Stage. Gaining experience in different stage plays and characters, have kept him active in expanding his passion in acting.

Mia Sabrina Mahadir is an actress, a director, a content writer, a publicist, a shoe seller, a Malay tutor, a Grab driver, and a cat rescuer. This is Mia’s 4th collaboration with Ridhwan Saidi after acting in “Malam Pertama” (2016) and “Matinya Seorang Birokrat” (2018), as well as directing “Berat Dosa Siapa Yang Tahu?” (2017). Follow Mia on Instagram @kutufutubom to keep up with her freelancing life. / Mia Sabrina Mahadir ialah seorang pelakon, penulis, pengarah, pengurus publisiti, tutor Bahasa Malaysia, pemandu Grab, dan penyelamat kucing. Ini ialah kali keempat Mia bekerja dengan Ridhwan Saidi, selepas berlakon “Malam Pertama” (2016) dan “Matinya Seorang Birokrat” (2018), serta mengarah “Berat Dosa Siapa Yang Tahu?” (2017). Ikuti Mia di Instagram @kutufutubom untuk ikuti perkembangan kerjaya freelance-nya.

Farez Najid was trained in Lasalle College of the Arts for 2 Years. His work’s as a performer include Tiger of Malaya (Teater Ekamatra 2018), Prism (Toy Factory Productions 2017), Geylang (WILD RICE 2016), and Tan Tarn How’s Lady Soul and the Ultimate “S”Machine (Esplanade Presents: 2015). He also dive into the world of Dungeons and Dragons during his free time as a Lvl 7 Bard.

Tasha K. is a rainbow dreamer who left behind her 9 years corporate banking / customer service world to pursue her passion in performing arts and has since dabbled in the occasional poetry, singing, musical theatre and currently acting. Tasha K. is a theatre enthusiast who is exploring different types of performing arts to make her a versatile performer.

Shuni is an actor who is passionate about people and their stories. After her work as one of the ensemble cast of Light of Dust, she is now pursuing her master degree in counselling, and at the same time attending theatre and acting relating workshops. She is now working on writing her first short play.

Nurul Aizam co-founded and runs Moka Mocha Ink, a Malaysian independent publishing house. The editor for Teater Modular Box Set, a publication consisting 13 playlets (to be published in 2019). Part of a team of researchers for LiteraCity and the editor for its publication comprising interviews with local literary figures, essays and a photo essay: LiteraCity: Kuala Lumpur Literary Fragments (2016). Recently started producing for Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol with Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai (2018).

Ridhwan Saidi is a Malaysian novelist, playwright and theatremaker. Co-founded indie publishing house, Moka Mocha Ink which focuses on contemporary Malay fiction and drama. He is also part of LiteraCity, a literary mapping project of Kuala Lumpur. Ridhwan was selected for a residency programme at the ASEAN Literary Festival 2016 and was invited to the Makassar International Writers Festival 2017 and George Town Literary Festival 2018. His series of short plays Teater Modular, consisting 13 offbeat playlets have been described as ‘politics, sex and religion existing in harmony’ and ‘absurd and weirdly sexy’. Teater Normcore is his series of full length plays that intent to illuminate poetry and heightened appreciation towards deadpan humour.

Nyna Roslan seorang sales coordinator yang baru terjun ke bidang kira-kira dan sebut harga sebagai kerja harian. Graduan jurusan teater yang turut giat urus pentas. Penglibatan kerja seni lepas antaranya pementasan Macbeth, AsramaRa, Stereo Genmai dan Persiapan Seorang Aktor.

Mucky a.k.a Khairul Kamarul, ahli Kelab Buah Fikiran dan Kelab Sate Buena Vista, gemarkan filem, muzik dan buku secara sederhana. Anak kelahiran Terengganu yang sedang giat menceburi arena modular synth secara runcit-runcit akibat pergaulan bebas dan berat bersama anak-anak seni Melaka. Masih bereksplorasi demi kesejahteraan dirinya dan sejagat.

Roshafiq Roslee is a Malaysian theatre & film dabbler who recently graduated with Diploma of Film and received the Vice Chancellor Award from UiTM. His 13 years of theatrical acting career goes way back in 2006 where he began his first acting debut in Teater Muzikal Adat Perpatih directed by Aminah Rhapor. Since then, Roshafiq had worked for more than 16 theatre production and had the opportunity to work with Malaysian renowned directors namely Hatta Azad Khan, Roslee Mansor, Mazlan Tahir and many more. His creative relationship with Ridhwan Saidi started in 2017 where he first acted in Ridhwan’s play titled Korban Bulan Madu in Teater Modular [Set 2]. Since then Roshafiq had done five plays under Ridhwan’s writing and directing including Kisah Lelaki Yang Dapat Pencerahan Setelah Kasutnya Dicuri Di Masjid Pada Suatu Petang where he performed in Singapore for Projek Suitcase 2018 by Teater Ekamatra. He is currently working as a full time actor in Hauntu Malaysia.

Elena Laurel Moujing‘s passion flows through a little bit of everything, from event hostings, modelling, to performing arts. With rhythmic gymnastics and traditional dancing as her base, this Sabahan bred is excited to explore more of what her magical shell has in store for her. Last year, she was in Sharm Noh’s piece “Langgar” for Short and Sweet 2018 and Romo Hernandez’s “Tumau Om Vaig“, a community dance film supported by MyDance Aliiance. She can also be spotted dancing in Yuna, Dato Seri Vida, and Sara Suhairi’s music videos.

Romo Hernandez a.k.a. Fahezul Azri bin Suhaimi is a versatile dance artist and choreographer who works across genres and disciplines. He achieved the Best Male Dancer Award in Short and Sweet Dance Malaysia 2018, Borneo Arts Festival 2018, as well as 3 gold medals at World Championship of Performing Arts 2016, United States. He has danced with companies such as Pat Ibrahim Project Entertainment, Soubi Sha, Gila Panggung Dance Company, Terry and The Cuz, Tall Order Production and Enfinity Vision Dynamic, as well as choreographers, Suhaili Micheline, Al Jabar Laura, Khairul Azhar Mokhtar, Rithaudin Abu Bakar, Dr Silvester Pamardi, Joseph Gonzales, Yeow Lai Chee and many others. His latest choreography work, “Never have I ever dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul” was presented at Dancebox 2018, International Choreography Festival 2018 and won champion at the Borneo Beatdown Dance Competition 2018. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, his interest in dance developed at a really young age as his father’s influence of being a Sabahan dance artist and lecturer. He graduated as a Diploma holder in Dance (Performance) and currently finishing his final undergraduate degree in Dance Performance Studies at ASWARA with his final thesis exploring “The audiences perspective and gaze on Butoh Performance  in Malaysia“.

Narmatha Shanmugam is a physiotherapist by profession, a dancer and actor (wannabe) by passion. She almost always takes on one too many things that she can handle – jack of all trades and master of none? Hey, you only live once! Give it your all!

Theyvapaalan S Jayaratnam attended the T4YP programme at KLPAC while completing it’s diploma in performing arts. It is obsessed with many things queer. It debuted on the professional stage with RIWAYAT (2017) at the George Town Festival. Other theatre credits include, ERROR404 (2017), LOVE AND INTESTINES (2017) and THE LOVE FACTORY (2017) both with the VSC Project, THE HUMAN EXHIBIT: MENTAL HEALTH (2018), THE HUMAN EXHIBIT: TOUR VERSION (2018) by I’M Entertainment and SKIN AND FLOWERS (2018) for the Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival. It directed S I X (2018) for it’s final showcase at Sunway University and T H R E E (2018) for TIGA by Five Arts Centre. Amongst future endeavours are BROHEMIA (2019) with Theatresauce and ALAM LAKAR (2019) a visual art experiment led by Ali Alasri.

Azrin Fauzi, fiksyenis dua kumpulan cerpen: Urban dan Metaskandal. Juga menulis esei sekitar seni, sastera, sinema, dan senibina yang tersiar dalam beberapa media: Dewan SasteraSelangorKiniKerja TanganArtsEquator, etsetera etsetera. Pengasas bersama dan editor KL Reviu, zine esei yang diterbitkan atas inisiatif Punggok Agency; seputar hal-hal tak terduga di sekitar kota. Kini sepenuh masa merinci ruang dan struktur di tapak konstruksi.

Hannan Barakbah seorang manager kafe hipster dan graduan senibina yang sedang bertugas sebagai pembantu kajian di Universiti Malaya. Debut pengarahannya adalah mengarah playlet Kurator Dapur tulisan Ridhwan Saidi di dalam Teater Modular [set 3] pada 2018. Tahun ini terlibat dengan Are You Game Sau(dara)? anjuran Five Arts Centre dan Centre 42 (Singapura) di dalam piece arahan Fasyali Fadzly. Selain itu turut terlibat dengan TIGA 3 di Penang juga anjuran Five Arts Centre. Hannan terlatih dalam program T4YP (alumni 2017) anjuran The Actors Studio.

Aiman Aiman is a local performer based in Malaysia. He has been a part of several theatre productions, such as T4YP: Teenage Dreams, #bloodbound and Wyman Wai’s directorial debut A space, a ladder, an abusive relationship (with myself).

Juno Hoay-Fern is a Malaysian writer. Part of The New Play Project: Book One by The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat with her piece PLAYS WITHOUT WORDS AND ACTION (2018), that has been staged by Jenya Stashkov of the Praktika Theater (Moscow).

Syafiq Syazim is a theater director, scenographer, educator and researcher in Malaysian theatre. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, he has graduated in his Diploma in stage scenography and Bachelors in Directing from the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (Aswara). He has won many awards for his directing, scenography, performance at the Malaysia Theatre Festival 2017 & 2018. In 2018, he has also won an award for best directing, scenography, script, at the University of Malaya’s Theatre Festival. He was elected to represent Malaysia to attend the Asian Performing Arts Forum 2018 (APAF 2018) in Tokyo, Japan. He also played in several countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Macau in the physical theatre, in 2018 and 2019. He is now pursuing Master in Performing Arts (Drama) at the University of Malaya.

Arshad Termizi merupakan anak kelahiran Kedah. Pernah menerima pendidikan pengurusan produksi secara formal dari Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) dalam jurusan Diploma Pengurusan Industri Kreatif.  Sekarang beliau merupakan mahasiswa tahun akhir Ijazah Sarjana Muda Drama di Universiti Malaya. Beliau telah menceburkan diri dalam bidang lakonan pentas dalam beberapa produksi teater antaranya Sasakala, Bangsawan Si Miskin Menjadi Raja, Wangi Jadi Saksi, Cikgu Disiplin Sekolah Aku dan Mad Derih Kuala Perlis.

Saiful Wazien merupakan anak kelahiran Kuala Lumpur yang mula mengasah bakat sejak dari umur 14 tahun dengan melibatkan diri dalam bidang seni tari dan teater. Sepanjang penglibatannya pelbagai naskhah dan genre telah beliau berjaya mementaskan seperti teater traditional, muzikal, realisme, komedi, eksperimental, dan absurd. Secara tidak langsung, setiap penglibatan ini mengasah bakat juga dalam bidang tari, nyanyian, silat, dan muzik selain turut berkebolehan mengurus pentas.


PESTA PLAYLET is an artist-run non-profit common ground for performance-based initiative through community building, research, workshop, discourse and publications. Consist of playwriting and directing workshops, forums involving artists ranging from theatre-maker and performance-maker to short filmmaker and short story writer, playlet reading showcase, a testing ground for local new works, lecture-performance, projection of past documented theatre works and found object exhibition.

Venue: KongsiKL, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

All activities are open to public and free, except for workshops. / Semua aktiviti terbuka buat umum dan percuma, kecuali bagi sesi workshop. Jemput datang!

Layari FB Event Page PESTA PLAYLET

An open collective established by Ridhwan Saidi for theatre-making or art and theatre related activism by organising book reading and discussion, art and theatre related activity based in Kuala Lumpur.

Moka Mocha Ink founded and run by Ridhwan Saidi and Nurul Aizam. An independent publishing house focusing on contemporary Malay fiction and drama. Aside from publishing, we are also prolifically venturing in theatre and performance-making with Teater Modular and Teater Normcore series.

This project is supported by the ANA – Arts Network Asia (, an enabling grant body, set up by a group of independent artists, cultural workers and arts activists from Asia, that encourages collaboration, initiated and sited in Asia and carried out by Asian artists.

KongsiKL is an old industrial warehouse at Jalan Klang Lama, with a built-up of more than 10,000 sqf. The warehouse was entrusted to KakiKongsi by EXSIM Group, to develop social experimentations centred around the ideology of sharing – ‘Kongsi’. ‘Kongsi’ also means an assembly of people coming together for a purpose, a collaboration. Our vision is to become an experimental ground that foster collaborations across disciplines where artists, performers, students and public have freedom to create and showcase their works.