Teater Normcore: Double Bill

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“At parts emotional and visceral and at others, downright hilarious, Teater Normcore for all its poetic twists and turns, is anything BUT a normal production.”Aishwarya Adaikalaraj via Daily Seni

“Held in an unusual performance space on fourth floor of an art gallery in Chinatown, we were impressed with Ridhwan’s evocative scripts and resourceful use of the space, keeping direction and set design to a minimal and fully bringing out each script’s inherent message with his actors’ performance alone.”Bak Chor Mee Boy (Singapore)

“Gaya tulisan yang sangat analytical, pendekatan gaya bahasa yang direct, tepat dan witty.” – Naque Ariffin via fb

“Antara momen memeranjatkan adalah apabila watak yang seolah Tiresias—yang arif bijaksana, wise dan buta tiba-tiba buka spek hitam dan jadi celik. Kemudian jadi buta balik. Memeranjatkan, lucu dan absurd.” – Fasyali Fadzly via fb

“Restraint expression,
magnified gestures,
in an intimate space. 
Beautific colourings,
double sided text. 
Love the play of words,
juxtapositions reminisce,
daily cheekiness,
reeking insinuations.”
Lim Paik Yin via fb

“Something different yet wonderfully engaging.” – Tan Cher Kian via fb

“The writing—subversive, witty, indie—draws thirstily from the reservoirs of contemporary pop culture and philosophy.” – Alfian Sa’at (cuma baca skrip) via fb

“Novelist and playwright Ridhwan Saidi’s double bill sees the debut of one-act plays ‘Tiada Cinta Selama Muda’ and ‘Matinya Seorang Birokrat’. Performed in the manner of a French New Wave film, the former revolves around class differences between a man and a woman and their attitudes towards love; while the latter is a comedy on the ‘tak faham konsep’ between an actor and a visiting bureaucrat. The plays are in Malay with English subtitles provided.” – iklan di TimeOut KL

“Teater ialah titik di mana literatur dan arsitektur bertemu.” – Nota Pasca Normcore, Ridhwan Saidi


Senarai penderma/pendukung/penyokong:

Nadia Rosli, Amir Muhammad, Joseph Ng Zhen Ye, Hazreen Shaza, Tan Cher Kian, Alfian Sa’at, Shufitri Mohd Shukardi, Daniyal Kadir, Zulaikha Mohammad, Walid Ali, Zulfadli Rashid dan Nor Suhada.