Pusara Digital

Pusara Digital, CDR, 42 minit. Instrumental/ambien/elektronik

Dengan sarung poket dan petikan novel Dewa Neon yang dicetak di atas newsprint.

  1. voltan menjerit 5:22
  2. kronus 5:07
  3. stereotomik 3:31
  4. invasi berukera 4:54
  5. pusara digital 0:40
  6. axis gemala naga 1:06
  7. bila matahari enggan bersinar 2:06
  8. tayangan lewat malam 4:15
  9. mimpi 2: sambal belacan 2:47
  10. nebula orion 2:01
  11. siaran ke udara sebentar lagi 1:38
  12. rehat hari ahad 2:32
  13. interlud 1:05
  14. bukit famosa 1:17
  15. halo influx menyinar kegelapan 3:02

alat sintesis, gitar, sampel, produksi: Ridhwan Saidi

catan akrilik: Ridhwan Saidi, 2014


From Malaysia hails Joni Atari, of whom I know nothing other than that he plays synthesizer, guitar and sampler. From what it seems on Bandcamp this is his first release and he has fifteen pieces, from just less than one minute to over five minutes, so it is all rather short and to the point. In the first couple of pieces I had the idea that Atari was inspired by some of the more experimental post-punk music from the early 80s, with a bit of rhythm going on, some sparse guitar, nice floating delay on everything, creating naive spacey textured music that would have fitted nicely on a cassette back then, but there are also a few exceptions, such as the broken beats/drum ‘n bass rhythm of ‘Rehat Hari Ahad’, which is a pity as it breaks the overall mood of the release. I think it would have been better if that was left off or be replaced by something of a similar mood. There is a great retro sound quality to this music, which reminded me, at times of New 7th Music, YHR label, MFH, but perhaps a bit more pop-like if you, courtesy of the drum machine, which is likewise dreamy at times, but can also be very much upfront in the mix, such as in ‘Invasi Berukera’. Some of these pieces are merely sketches, which further enhances the notion of something that could have been thirty years ago. This I thought was all very lovely, having lived thirty years ago to experience this all before, and it’s great to hear someone doing their own take on it in 2017. (FdW)” – Vital Weekly 1089

RM15 (edisi terhad) HABIS