TEATER NORMCORE: Double Bill at GTF2019

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Teater Normcore is a series of seemingly normal stage plays by Malaysian novelist and playwright Ridhwan Saidi. The first critically acclaimed staging of Teater Normcore was a double bill of two one-act plays: Tiada Cinta Selama Muda (No Love for the Young) and Matinya Seorang Birokrat (Death of a Bureaucrat). The second installment titled Stereo Genmai is a favourite of the audience as well.

Ridhwan’s works are soul-stirring, visceral yet hilarious, bringing the audience on an engaging theatrical adventure. This year at George Town Festival, Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol presents Teater Normcore: Double Bill with Matinya Seorang Birokrat (Death of a Bureaucrat) and Retak Menanti Belah (Cracking, Splitting).

Death occurs but will it touch on a spiritual level? Matinya Seorang Birokrat (Death of a Bureaucrat) is an enlightening comedy on the misunderstanding between an actor and a visiting bureaucrat whilst Ridhwan’s brand new play, Retak Menanti Belah (Cracking, Splitting) is an existential conversation between two separating sides of a wall named Retak and Belah.

Normcore seperti teater Epik oleh Brecht. Ia tidak memerlukan lakonan representational, ia tidak mempedulikan nilai dramatik, teks ada pernyataan terus berkaitan sosio-politik-ekonomi, begitu juga latar pentas, bunyi dan projeksi. Ini sangat mengujakan!”

– Yusof Bakar via Ketagih Teater (klik untuk reviu penuh)

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Cast & Crew Bio

Ridhwan Saidi is a Malaysian novelist, playwright and leftfield theatremaker. Co-founded indie publishing house, Moka Mocha Ink which focuses on contemporary Malay fiction and drama. He is also part of LiteraCity, a literary mapping project of Kuala Lumpur, and co-curator of Pesta Playlet, an artist-run non-profit common ground for performance-based initiative. His series of short plays Teater Modular, consisting 13 offbeat playlets have been described as ‘politics, sex and religion existing in harmony’ and ‘absurd and weirdly sexy’. Teater Normcore is his series of full length plays that intent to illuminate poetry and heightened appreciation towards deadpan humour. In 2017, he established Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol, an open collective for theatre related activities based in Kuala Lumpur.

Rashid Akhmal is an economy graduate from Sungai Buloh, who watches theatre as a hobby, and somehow found his calling as an actor by joining First Time Workshop (acting) by Revolution Stage. Gaining experience in different stage plays and characters, have kept him active in expanding his passion in acting.

Mia Sabrina Mahadir is an actress, a director, a content writer, a publicist, a shoe seller, a Malay tutor, a Grab driver, and a cat rescuer. This is Mia’s 5th collaboration with Ridhwan Saidi after acting in Malam Pertama (2017) and Matinya Seorang Birokrat (2018), as well as directing Berat Dosa Siapa Yang Tahu? (2017). Follow Mia on Instagram @kutufutubom to keep up with her freelancing life.

Tasha K. is a rainbow dreamer who left behind her 9 years corporate banking / customer service world to pursue her passion in performing arts and has since dabbled in the occasional poetry, singing, musical theatre and currently acting. Tasha K. is a theatre enthusiast who is exploring different types of performing arts to make her a versatile performer. Tasha’s performance credits include playreading showcase of Teater Modular at Pesta Playlet, as Bunian in a short film titled Sisa Binasa, ensemble cast in Theatre of the Arts at Short + Sweet Penang, and as Journalist in Hotel Berdarah for Teater Modular.

Ani Aziz is a recent creative writing graduate from UiTM with his thesis titled Estetika Grotes Sebagai Identiti Dalam Hikayat Seri Rama (1964) dan Hikayat Raja Babi (2015). Other than writing, theatre is where he likes to experiment. His acting debut was in Langgam Merdeka directed by Saat Omar and he had acted in Ridhwan Saidi’s Pengantin, Freestyle! and Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai. He also co-leads Kaos Nol book discussion sessions. His writings can be found at beduklogam.blogspot.com.

Nurul Aizam co-founded and runs Moka Mocha Ink, a Malaysian independent publishing house. The editor for Teater Modular Box Set, a publication consisting 13 playlets (published in mid 2019). Part of research team for LiteraCity and the editor for its publication comprising interviews with local literary figures, essays and a photo essay: LiteraCity: Kuala Lumpur Literary Fragments (2016). Have been producing for Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol with the recent Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai (2018) and co-curated Pesta Playlet (2019).

Tan Cher Kian a.k.a CK; Sabahan indulging in his midlife crisis making a leap from oil & gas engineering to theatre practitioner. Started his dalliances with the stage due to his affinity to his mother tongue (literally) Cantonese that led him to the evolving-work of My Grandfather’s Road by Neo Kim Seng since 2017 in Singapore. CK also co-produced Malaysian works IQ.ROCK RESTAGE by Anomalist Production and Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai by Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol in 2018. Aspiring playwright and director, CK is interested in works that break down barriers yet building bridges.

Amirul Rahman was born November 1994 in Pasir Mas, Kelantan. He received his bachelor’s degree in Creative Technology (Film) with focus in cinematography from UiTM. He is actively involved in making short films where he acts as videographer, art director, production assistant, and assistant director.


Team Credit


Playwright & Director: Ridhwan Saidi

Performer: Ani Aziz (Retak) & Rashid Akhmal (Belah)


Playwright & Director: Ridhwan Saidi

Performer: Mia Sabrina Mahadir (Actor), Tasha K. (Bureaucrat) & Ani Aziz (Director)


Producer: Nurul Aizam

Production Manager: Tan Cher Kian

Videography & Technical: Amirul Rahman

Scenography: Ilham Sani

Sound Design: Joni Atari

Front of House: Shamnirul