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MASAM MANIS sebuah play tentang ruang peribadi dan ruang awam, hubungan kita dengan teknologi, dan lapisan persona yang kita hidupi. Diinspirasi filem Masam-Masam Manis (1965) oleh P. Ramlee, yang menangkap semangat kota Kuala Lumpur melalui sinema. MASAM MANIS tentang situasi kehidupan kita hari ini.

MASAM MANIS 《酸甜》 帶你遊走於公共與私人空間,穿梭於現代人與科技的關係以及我們在生活中層出不窮的表象。受 P Ramlee 在 Masam-Masam Manis (1965) 裡透過電影對當時吉隆坡的細膩捕捉所啟發,MASAM MANIS 將會呈現當今的社會面貌。

MASAM MANIS is a play about private and public spaces, our relationship with technology, and the multi-layered persona that we embody. Inspired by the film Masam-Masam Manis (1965) by P. Ramlee, that captures Kuala Lumpur nuances via cinema. MASAM MANIS is about our contemporary condition today.

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Masam Manis by Liew Chee Heai 2 (1)
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Masam Manis by Liew Chee Heai 2 (5)
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Masam Manis by Liew Chee Heai 2 (8)
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“Surreal take on modern dating, sexuality and classical malay poetry.” – Sidney Chan via Instagram

“It was a simple but sweet and cute show!” – @thung_thung via Instagram

“Apa yang lebih pedih dan tajam ada pada setiap bait kata penyewa.” – Kandar Razak via FB

“Messages. Lessons. And the creativity I exceptionally enjoyed.” – @vivadram via Instagram

“This is classic Ridhwan Saidi and I liked it.” – @thenadcracker via Instagram

“With KongsiKL’s warehouse space, there’s an element of grunge to the set-up that fully encapsulates Teater Normcore’s ethos of unconventionality and ground-up theatre.” – Bakchormeeboy


Written & directed by Ridhwan Saidi
Performed by Sadiq M. Jamil, Mia Sabrina Mahadir & Lew Shu Ni
Duration: 70 minutes (performed in Malay with English surtitles.)
Scenography: Ilham Sani
Sound design: Joni Atari
Tech: Rashid Akhmal & Fariq Md. Khir
Producer: Nurul Aizam
Marketing & promotion: Tan Cher Kian & Tasha K.
Video documentation: Amirul Rahman

Venue: KongsiKL, Old Klang Road
Date: 12 – 15 March 2020
Time: 8.30 pm
Pas masuk: RM30 (early bird, ends 31 Jan 2020) / RM40 (normal)

FB event page: Teater Normcore: Masam Manis

With support from the Hai-O Arts & Culture Grants


The first TEATER NORMCORE play titled ’Stereo Genmai’ was staged in October 2018 at KOTAK@Five Arts Centre, followed by ‘Hamlet Fansuri’ at PortCommune in August 2019, and a new direction for ‘Stereo Genmai’ at The Godown for Urbanscapes in November 2019. ‘Masam Manis’ will be the third play in the series.

TEATER NORMCORE 系列之首《玄米立體聲》2018年八月在 KOTAK @ Five Arts Centre 首演,2019年十一月重新改編後在 The Godown 的 Urbanscape 二度上演。繼 2019年八月在 Port Commune 上演的 《哈姆雷特方素里》,MASAM MANIS 《酸甜》將會是系列的第三部作品。

Play pertama TEATER NORMCORE berjudul ‘Stereo Genmai’ telah dipentaskan pada Oktober 2018 di KOTAK@Five Arts Centre, diikuti ‘Hamlet Fansuri’ di PortCommune pada Ogos 2019, dan olahan baharu ‘Stereo Genmai’ di The Godown untuk Urbanscapes pada November 2019. ‘Masam Manis’ akan menjadi play ketiga di dalam siri ini.


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